Welcome and thank you for taking the time to read my history and a bit about my world, my life and my work.
I think you may find it very up lifting.


(left)Countessa,  Showing her one of many delightful and fashionable designs.

  Countessa a former model herself , seeks to help make available up- scale High fashion, to those of us whom, it's never been available to, before.

  Please enjoy reading her bio, a bit about her world , her work and her life. We know you will enjoy her on line boutique. We think you will agree, that shopping here at Countessa's Closet, is a most facinating and wonderful experience.

Hello and Welcome,

I am Countessa, from the world famous Countessa's Closet Inc. I thought you may wish to know a bit about me. I am a past professional, petite model. Was one for many, many years, More than I care to mention.. I know many of the tricks and secrets to looking your best at all times. And I adore sharing them with my friends and clients.

I have worked in modeling, commentating, and design for some of the top corporations and designers in the world, and now have my own line of clothing, makeup, skin treatment , wigs, jewelry, accessories and also shoes { Shoe sizes up to 17 wide} and lingerie, for the Tg woman and genetic woman of today. I felt that what I saw offered to the ladies in the community, was not what I felt was, in any way, quality, or well made.
Many business's did just seem to throw, the clothing at the ladies in the community with no respect for each individuals style or elegance. I did bring out my best friend and my executive secretary and found this , to happen often and it was so sad. I saw what many in the industry, had to offer in the way of style and upscale trendy, I did not feel it was the best for my dear friends. So,{ If you know me personally, you would know, I would do this} , I told them I would do a few designs that would fit them much better and also, look so much more high fashion and upscale. I did this for my wonderful TG friends, and before I knew it. Others in the community, friends of mine, and friends of theirs, soon asked me to design for them also.. I started to get a whole line before I knew it, for the Tg upscale lady, and now we are well known, through out the world, for our designs and dedication to the Tg community.
I have on my staff, Transgendered and gay, Straight, and I think one from moon !
{ The one from the moon is me !} We are now very proud to announce we have a brand new and fully stocked wig dept and room, that is private and enticingly comfortable and elegant. we offer the best in hair stylists and also the best in human hair and synthetic wigs, we also have on our staff, the top stylist, in hair weaving, hair fusion and also hair extensions and all at wholesale to you...We have a private room that our hair stylist will work with you in. Its private and its decorated with lovely roses, and magnificent lace, just like the rest of the decor in our luxurious boutique. .. we offer wonderful dreamy music while you relax and let us pamper you , with makeovers and facials, from our professional esthetician You may even have your hair done or spend some time with our wonderful manicurists... we are a fun place filled with happiness and excitement and we are all here waiting to help and serve you with all your beauty, requirments and of course all your fashion wishes.My two Senior corporate attorneys are crossdressers. My executive secretary is a post op Ts, My office manager is a soft spoken charming crossdresser that comes to work En Femme , Just to name a few that are on my staff . My staff is 95% from within the community . I respect and support the Tg and Ts communities fully.

So all in all, I do support and respect the community, as you can see. I also do much in the way of volunteer work for the community, and I am so proud of all who are in it. We offer much in the way of Free, classes to all in the community on poise, ettiquette, walk, style, makeup, hair and so much more. We are high fashion and upscale trendy.Carrying the best in high fashion and upscale trendy and club wear. I guess, I am in all seriousness, just your normal dingy, yet down to earth fashion designer.. I dress casually and am at ease , just about any place I go.. I live life to enjoy it, and I do love my life, my friends and my world.
I have given many lectures and seminars for the community and all at no charge to anyone in the community. Many have told me, I am a person of kindness and caring.and that My passion is with the transgendered community. I have seen the pain the heartache and all the frustration. We have newbies, and those that have transitioned and all are, our wonderful clients and friends. I do try to help the girls here, in any way I can. I often have many of the girls in the boutique at any given time and they have often told me , my boutique, is a sanctuary, and I am very proud of this. We chat, visit, shop and even have a bit a bubbly at times, and of course we always have the best in chocolates ! Chocolate is a most necessary food group, I have always thought. Our look and style for the community is a natural and believable one. soft, feminine and enchanting. I offer help and guidance in all that the TG woman of today, will need, wish for, and require. I have been offered many documentaries on my work, my boutqiue and my life, but have chosen to not do this for a while, as I do feel we need to educate the world , not just inform it we are here !

I would like to show the world the dignity, and the kindness as well as the heartbreak, the sadness, and the harrasement, that many in the community do suffer through. I feel that this takes time and perfection, to help others to understand what the inner beauty and true world of the transgender person is. So,until I feel that the time is right, we will hold off on doing all the television and documentary shows, we have been offered for a while. I do feel that first we must educate, and then we can open the world and many of the narrow minds and closed doors, that we all encounter. I also have recieved the congressional leadership award. ( Click Here to view award )

Well I guess I have said enough, please do know that all I offer, is done with kindness , caring ,respect and love for the transgendered community . I do hope you enjoy our site, and find it comfortable and easy to use. If you have any questions or ideas, please do let me know and I will do my best to answer and offer what you wish for here on our site.

Our top in the field web and catalogue designer is the famous, Summers Enterprises and I do thank our wonderful Ivy Summers who owns Summers Enterprises, for all her help, guidance and patience, her warm and caring respect for our community is something we all cherish and are thankful for.

If you wish to call me , please note that I am in the boutique, Tues thru Sat, after one thirty pacific time. You are also welcome to stop by and say hello.. I do adore meeting new friends.We have many dinner parties, trips, and events, I do hope you will soon join us at these. We have no extra charges for our events and all are welcome.

Love to all, your favorite fashion designer and fashion advisor,

CEO/Countessa's Closet,Inc

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