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Totally Believable Makeovers

About Our Makeovers

Word of mouth is what has made Countessa's Closet the most famous and highest rated Tg/Ts friendly boutique in the world ! Come on in anytime and say hello personally to Countessa and her staff. We welcome all communities with open arms. Just ask anyone who has been to Countessa's Closet ! When a Passable look just is not enough and any doubt on your look and style is not what you are wishing for Well then, Countessa's Closet world famous Truly believable Makeovers are just what you are dreaming of !



Marilyn Monroe summer dress

Countessa's Closet has been rated number one in " Truly believeable makeovers" for many many years. Countessa's Closet award winning Truly believable makeovers have been written about in many of the top magazines and media. Countessa does listen to what her Tg/Ts clientele do ask for and she puts all her efforts into making sure she has exactly what her clients are wishing for and in all that their fashion desires are

About our cosmetics

Countessa's Closet has their very own Chemist formulated Tg makeup line that never ever needs beard cover. will never flake or run even if you perspire heavily. The Countessa girls are most often the pagent winners of all events they enter when wearing Countessa's Now world renoun Tg makeup line. Guaranteed to offer you a softer more feminine look while fully conditioning your skin. Her famousTG makeup line will offer a true feminine softness to you skin while offering to minimize the look of your facial pores. Remember your face is the first thing people see when speaking to you ! Let is show your beautiful femininity and elegance at all times.
Yes, This Chemist formulated Tg foundation and makeup will sincerely offer a softer more youthful appearance to your skin. This makeup has been written up in some of the top media as "The only Truly feminine looking makeup."
Never sticky or oily, Countessa's Makeovers are offered to all clients Tg and Genetic by LIcensed Estheticians. Not just someone that has not the knowledge of what a " real Makeover" consists of.. When you enter our etched glass doors, Just let Yourself fall into the complete luxurious and enticing world of femininity. We will pamper your ever fashion and beauty wish, while we tempt your senses with our world renoun "Truly believeable makeovers" We will even offer you a bit of bubbly if you so desire from our complimentary chocolate and wine bar.
A full two hours of being the only center of attention to your licensed Esthetician makeup artist. The same artists that work for some of the top stars in the world and for the top studios will be attending to your every fashion and beauty desire. . Why not enjoy what being feminine is all about ? Let Countessa and her staff offer you the most wonderful pampering day of your life , You can even enjoy a deeply relaxing spa manicure and pedicure on our premises. Our staff is professionally trained and knowledgeable as to what our clients are wishing and dreaming of in your very own personal and special look and style.

Countessa also has a fully staffed Electrolysis room available for her clients
Our Electrolysis technician is one of the finest in the United States and we are one company that does offer all our clients the finest in all services and merchandise available . from pedicures to manicures, makeovers, hairstylists, wig stylists , makeup estheticians , wardrobe consultation and all fashion and beauty needs can be found and accomplished right here at Countessa's Closet full service boutique. Makovers are a full two hours of enjoying the luxurious pampering and professional care that every girl yearns for in her life.
WE know when you see your sincerely believable makeover you will know why Countessa's Makeovers have been rated number one in the industry for over 11 years now. Just ask anyone that has had a 'Truly believeable makeover at Countessa's Closet, Our clients are our adverts for our makeovers. There is a sincere and deep passion for the Tg community at Countessa's Closet. You will feel that ambiance, comfort and true sincerity from the very minute you enter Countessa's luxurious ultra large , warm and friendly boutique, Located in very gender friendly Studio city, California. Countessa's licensed Makeover estheticians will happily travel to your hotel, home, set or office daily and into the eves for your comfort if you prefer to have us come to you for your Truly believeable makeovers. No company can compare to the quality, comfort, respect and the expertise that Countessa's Closet offers to all who enter our doors or visit our top of the net website.

Makeover appointments may be scheduled by phone at any time.
818 763 9806.   We promise to make this one of the best if not the best days of your life anytime you visit Countessa's Closet Gender friendly boutique and website. Walk ins welcome , appointments always available .
Please feel free to call us with your questions anytime
You may speak to Countessa personally whenever you call. Its so easy. Just ask to speak to Countessa herself ! Countessa takes all calls when she is at the Studio city boutique . NO question is too small or to complicated. We are here to help and guide you in all your fashion and beauty needs . After all, Your fashion wishes are what we are all about !

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